The gas lines in a Seattle home help operate many different appliances. Chances are, if you live in a Seattle or King County home, you will need to install or replace your gas lines at some point. Gas lines help operate things like water heaters, stoves, and fireplaces. So, ensuring that they are installed and working properly is important for your household in Seattle. 


If you already have a home in Seattle and have been living in it (or the home is a bit older), you may be in a position where your gas line needs to be repaired or re-installed. A smart homeowner knows the signs to look out for that indicate that there are issues with their gas line in their Seattle home. It can be very dangerous if your gas line is damaged. 



Signs that your gas lines in Seattle are not working properly.

Rotten egg smell. A rotten egg smell from your gas range means that gas is escaping somehow. This may be through a leak in the system. If this does happen, turn off the gas immediately.



50 years or older. If you live in a home that has gas lines which are older than 50 years, it may be that it could begin to crack. Older gas lines are at greater risk of damaging over time, leaving you and your household vulnerable. If your gas lines are over 50 years, it may be time to call a professional.



Hissing sound. Hearing a hissing sound? Check your gas range as soon as possible to see if that is what is causing it. A hissing sound is an indication that your gas line has a hole or crack in it, causing gas to leak out. Of course, this would also produce a smell along with it. If this does happen, shut off the gas immediately. Call a local plumber in Seattle to assess the problem area and repair or replace your gas line. 



Rusting or corroding. If your metal gas line shows signs of rusts or corrosion, this probably means that moisture is reaching the gas line and causing rusting to occur. This may start small and may not be as noticeable at the beginning. However, as time goes on, it will increase and be more visible. Being vigilant in the beginning stages will help you protect your household early on. 


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