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Mainline Plumbing knows that toilets are one of the most important parts of a home or business and when they aren’t working properly, it can be a huge inconvenience to everyone. Toilet malfunction can include issues when flushing, defective hardware, clogging, non-stop running, loose toilet handles, and leaking tanks.

Because of these potential issues, it is important that every toilet is installed properly in your Federal Way home. Otherwise, issues (including water damage to your property) become a high risk factor. Don’t wait for more serious problems to arise if you suspect that your toilet has not been installed properly. Act soon and call a professional to ensure that you can get long use out of your toilet, away from breakage and failure issues. Mainline Plumbing has the tools and knowledge to work with any toilet brand that you need repaired in Federal Way.



Leaking or overflowing toilets are quite common, and the simplest actions can lead to major damage. Fortunately, Mainline Plumbing is available to respond to any emergency you may be having.

Common signs that you need a new toilet installation: 

  • It’s an older toilet
  • Cracks in the porcelain
  • Toilet is wobbling
  • Inefficient flushing

Oftentimes, toilet leaks often happen when the wax seal stops working properly. If you start to see water pooling around your toilet, this more confirmation that the seal is malfunctioning, or it could also happen due to a leaky supply line. Because a toilet is made with several parts, even if part of it breaks, it could cause the toilet to stop working properly altogether. This is especially true if the toilet is an older one.


We know first hand that toilet issues can cause all sorts of inconveniences for residents and businesses. In addition, they usually come unexpected and at the worst times. We offer a full range of toilet plumbing services in Federal Way. If your toilet is currently not functioning properly, or you think it’s about time to replace your old toilet, call Mainline Plumbing.

Frequent toilet repairs or unexpected toilet replacement can also be a financial burden. This is why we always do our best to work within your budget and provide all options available. We will provide you with a reliable estimate upfront before beginning our work, so you aren’t left with a surprise bill at the end of the day.

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