Do you live in Tacoma and own a home? Chances are, you will need to inspect and repair or re-install your gas lines at some point. Gas lines are incredibly important for the functionality of your home, and run several different appliances. This includes your stove, water heater, and fireplace. Ensuring that they are installed and working correctly is highly important. 


It’s smart to have a professional do the installation due to the dangerous nature of the job if done by an inexperienced person. Keeping your family safe is a worthy investment for you and your household! 



There are a few signs to be aware of ahead of time to help spot a damaged gas line. A smart homeowner in Tacoma can act quickly to protect their household.

Here are a few things to look out for.


Rotten egg smell coming from your stove. If you notice a rotten egg smell, turn off your gas line immediately. The gas comes with a sulfur smell added so that homeowners can be able to pinpoint when there is a leak. You are usually able to sense this smell a little every time you start your stove before usage as some of it leaks out when you start it. However, if the smell is continual, this means that leakage is happening when it is not in use. If this is the case, turn off your gas as soon as possible.


Hissing sound. If you hear a hissing sound coming from your gas range, turn off the gas immediately. Again, this is a sign that gas is somehow leaking. This may be from a hole that is allowing the gas to escape (creating the hissing sound). Once off, call your licensed local plumber to assess the issue and repair the problem. 


Dying plants and flowers. If your plants are randomly dying, it may be due to leaking gas from your home. Leaking gas is dangerous for you and your household. If gas is leaking out into your home, this could be because of gas that is destroying the living plants. 


Knowing which signs to look out for and acting quickly will help protect your family. Obtain help from a professional for repair or installation.


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