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When it comes to repiping, you want an experienced specialist to do the job. These projects are pricey, and can make or break the health and comfort of your home. There are certain things homeowners and businesses can look out for to know when it is time to repipe.



Plumbing issues are like a progressive disease since they only get worse with time. The only real solution is to find them early and eradicate them before they cause serious damage. Mainline Plumbing’s repipe service in Tacoma offers industry-leading PEX and copper repipes that handle your plumbing problems permanently!



Don’t Let Old Pipes Break Your Bank.


If your home was built over 20 years ago (or even 5-10 years in some neighborhoods), you could have damaged, corroded or leaky pipes that could cause increasingly costly problems for you as time goes on. Galvanized metal or low-quality copper pipes deteriorate quickly and polybutelene pipes (referred to by plumbers as “ticking time bombs”) could fail and cost you thousands in water damage.



Repipe Tacoma

Some signs that determine that it may be time to do repiping include: 

Your piping is constantly leaking. Generally, it is normal for pipes to sometimes leak. However, when there are multiple pipe leaks that happen throughout your home, this may indicate an overall problem with the piping. Repiping may be needed to prevent these kinds of issues. This would also pay off in the future as it would prevent further damage to your home and health.


Rusted color in your water. Because older pipes can rust, it eventually ends up in your water which affects the quality of the water that you drink and use.


Your plumbing system is over 30 years old. Older homes that have never had repiping done generally need this service. Homes that are older than 50 years old, usually have Galvanized pipes which are known to burst and corrode when they get old. 


There is low water pressure in your home. This could be a sign of buildup and clogging, often due to mineral or rust buildup. Because this kind of clogging takes a while to accumulate, it is a good sign that the piping needs to be renewed.  


Homeowners can look out for these signs to find a specialist near them to do repiping in a timely manner.

Repairing Vs. Repiping

Many Tacoma homeowners will get scared at the idea of repiping their home, and will try to repair their pipes instead. In some cases, repairing makes more sense. But if you are experiencing recurring issues, or are living with old piping, it actually makes more sense to repipe. Most modern piping systems are built to anticipate repairs. Small leaks can be easily repaired with little cost to the homeowner. If you are on the fence about repiping or repairing your pipes, talk to your trusted plumbing professional. At Mainline Plumbing, we will always give you our honest opinion with all the best options for your individual case.


Repiping Masters Tacoma

What does a repiping process look like, anyway? In order for our technicians to reach the pipes, small parts of the drywall need to be removed. The timing depends on the sizing of the home, and generally ranges from a few days to a week to complete. During this time, the home contents including furniture and floors are covered for protection. After the process, testing is done to ensure water flows through the lines properly. Since repiping is such a large job, having a certified specialist do the job will help prevent costly redos down the road. 

Piping problems are best dealt with right away, and sooner action can save time, money, and  damage to your property. If you need a piping specialist, call Main Line Plumbing for your Federal Way home today!



When is it Time to Repipe?


Do You Have Any of the Following Plumbing Issues?

  • Do You Experience Low Water Pressure?
  • Do you get Scalded in the Shower when Someone Flushes a Toilet?
  • Do You Have Slab or Pinhole Leaks?
  • Do you want to be Proactive in Preventing Plumbing Issues?
  • Is your Plumbing System Over 5 Years Old?
  • Is Your Water Rust-Colored or Yellow?

Repiping fixes these problems, saves you money and eliminates worry. Contact Mainline Plumbing and ask about our Tacoma Repipe Service!


Choosing the Right Pipe


There are two standards in the plumbing industry when it comes to repiping material. Both have different advantages and disadvantages. Your trusted Tacoma plumber and repiping specialist can help decide which one is best for you.

Copper: Copper piping has been the standard in the industry for its durability and the way it neutralizes a “metal” taste in water. This type of piping will last longer than PEX and will not sag at the joints. One of the only downsides is that it is more expensive to install.

PEX: Made from a newer material that is flexible, PEX piping will also neutralize a “metal” taste in water. It is less likely to freeze or burst in extreme conditions. It is Resistant to acidic substances. PEX costs less to install. The only downsides are that PEX cannot be exposed to outdoors because it can be damaged by UV rays, and it also cannot be directly connected to a water heater.



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