How to Conserve Water in Winter

How to Conserve Water in Winter

Water conservation isn’t just something you do for a certain time in a year. With global concerns regarding water supply and quality, it’s only fitting that water conservation practices must be observed throughout the year.

Now that the coldest months of the year are fast approaching, water conservation practices must also be tailored to make sure that people will still be able to save as much water as they can despite the weather. People might think water is more abundant during this time of the year, especially with the arrival of snow. However, this doesn’t change the fact that we are still far from what our goal is when it comes to saving water as a population.

As a homeowner, you can play your part in saving water by following smart practices of saving up and conserving water. Below are some ideas you can follow:

Fix the Leaks

One of the most common ways we waste water is by letting pipes and fixtures leak. With water constantly dripping and flowing, you’re unknowingly wasting clean water even during the winter season. Make sure your pipes and fixtures get repaired as soon as you see the earliest sign of a leak.

Use Low-Flow Fixtures

Did you know that there are fixtures available in the market that reduce your water usage without affecting the quality of your water supply? Low-flow fixtures like showerheads and faucets maintain the low flow of water even while you’re using it for things like taking a bath and cleaning up at home.

Schedule When to Water Plants

Watering your plants in the warmer parts of the day minimizes the risk of clean water freezing within the pipes. You can also lessen the times you’ll be watering your plants as they don’t need a lot of moisture during the winter months.

Insulate Pipes

Another reason why we unknowingly waste our clean water supply is that we aren’t knowledgeable about insulating pipes. When pipes are warm enough, water continuously flows and minimizes the risk of water and pipe freezing and eventually, pipe bursts.

Educate Yourself and Your Family

Water conservation is one part knowledge, equal parts effort. If you won’t familiarize yourself and practice what you learned (and vice versa), no amount of fixture changes and other measures will work in the long run. You should also inform your family and friends about it to make a bigger impact.


Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze

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